Azmi Burhani Consulting
QualityMetric Incorporated, LLC


Azmi Burhani Consulting is now the provider of QualityMetric Incorporated, LLC’s health measurement tools and services in Africa, Asia and South America.

QualityMetric's health measurement tools and services include:

Short Form (SF) Health Surveys:
The most widely used generic health survey instrument in the world with over 2,100 RCTs to date and cited in more than 16,000 peer reviewed articles.

Other Generic Health Surveys:

Disease-specific Health Surveys:

Pediatric Health Surveys:

    The Smart Measurement System®
    All-in-one, web-based health survey data collection service with survey administration, automated scoring, patient reminder and secured data management capabilities.

    As the authorised reseller in Africa, Asia and South America, we not only supply QualityMetric’s tools and services, but also provide consulting services as well to ensure the successful conduct of your research study.

    For further information about QualityMetric’s health measurement tools and services, contact us at